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About the School

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Global Studies Program at Bell Hill Academy

Global Studies Program at Bell Hill Academy

Grass Valley School District’s Bell Hill Academy offers a “Global Studies” program, designed to promote respect for other cultures and the environment, and a continued interest in learning. Bell Hill Academy is a public elementary school that offers grades K – 4. The mission of Bell Hill Academy is to prepare students to participate more responsibly and fully in their world, and to empower them to realize their role in the future of their global community. Bell Hill Academy students will acquire a global outlook on life and an awareness of their place in the larger world around them.The Global Studies program includes an in-depth emphasis on a specific continent in each grade level, and all students will have an opportunity to learn Spanish throughout the year.  Bell Hill Academy also offers the only dual-language immersion program in Nevada County, which features instruction primarily in the Spanish language.  The Global Studies program features innovative, teacher-driven projects and monthly events such as drumming, pottery, dance, food, gardening and a world market. These projects are made possible in part by a $20,000 Institute for Teaching (IFT) grant from the California Teachers’ Association.

District Mission Statement

District Mission Statement

The Grass Valley School District is a multi-faceted community passionately committed to developing personal excellence and preparing each individual for the future through a strong academic program enhanced by a wide range of innovative choices in a responsive and safe environment.

District goals are ~

  • We will acknowledge, project, and communicate our strengths and values throughout the community to enhance public image.
  • We will actively involve families, schools, businesses, senior citizens, and the community at large to create a cooperative partnership that is enriching and mutually beneficial.
  • We will create a cohesive and supportive school community. We will aggressively seek alternative funding sources for the Grass Valley School District.
  • We will provide an articulated, quality educational program that defines what students should learn, know, and be able to do, with outcomes, which can be effectively assessed and reported. We will seek ways and means to increase the use of instructional technology as a learning and productivity tool.
  • We will create an educational environment that addresses the social, emotional, and physical needs of our students.