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Parent Teacher Club (PTC)

GVPTC is already on the move this year!!  |  Here is the board for this year (2014-2015):

GVPTC is already on the move this year!!Go To Top of Page

We are introducing a new program called "Citizen of the Month" to encourage and promote school spirit, school attendance, and academics!!
We've also been able to donate $500 PER SITE for supporting school site involvement, be it school spirit, or attendance, PTC wants to make sure we encourage overall school development!!
Finally, GVPTC takes the school environment very seriously. This includes promoting "anti-bullying" curriculum, including (but not limited to) working with the NCSOS on the "Steps to Respect" program training.
As a united team, we plan to take BIG strides in creating a cohesive district environment!!

Here is the board for this year (2014-2015):Go To Top of Page

President- Eva Nau
Scotten VP- Christine Pinney and Suzanne Franza
BHA VP- Natalee Fowler
GVC VP- Meagan Littlejohn and Sadie Fowers
Gilmore VP- **open**
Secretary- **open**
Fundraising Coordinator- Stephanie Daughtery
Hospitality Coordinator/Childcare Coordinator- Jenn Veilhauer